We are supporting & following two pieces of legislation in the Vermont legislature this session:

1. Ending Insurance Discrimination for Transgender Vermonters: Senate Bill – S.108

This bill currently has different version than what is posted on the VT legislative website (as linked above), but it still aims to accomplish the same goal which is to fix a gap in current VT law that allows insurance companies to discriminate against transgender Vermonters in their insurance benefit coverage for medically necessary & health provider approved transition procedures. Learn more about this issue here.

The Vermont Federation of Nurses, RU12? Community Center, Vermont CARES, Outright Vermont and a number of local community members and health providers are collaborating on advocating for this bill as a collective called the Vermont Equal Care Coalition.

Follow the latest process of the bill via the link above.

2. Health Care Coverage for Same Sex Couples from out of state employers: House Bill: 315 Again, a way to close a hole in VT law when marriage for all was passed.  Details: http://openstates.org/vt/bills/2013-2014/H315/

3. Expansion of Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT): Senate Bill – S.104

This bill calls for the expansion of Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) in Vermont.  Since 2004, EPT provides medication for the sexual partners of infected patients.  While it has been a great success, it is limited to the treatment of a single sexually transmitted infection (STI), in this case chlamydia.  This bill will expand the original law to include the treatment of trichomoniasis and ultimately other STIs that  can be treated under EPT.

Planned Parenthood of New England (PPNE) is leading the effort to help this change become law & we full support it.  Follow the latest process of the bill via the link above.

Join us for LGBTQ Leadership Day on Friday, April 12th 8am-2pm to continue to work on these bills in person with our Vermont lawmakers!  More info here.

[Disclaimer]: In compliance with our 501(c)3 status as a non-profit and IRS rules, Outright Vermont does not devote more than an “insubstantial” portion of its activities to lobbying through financial commitment or staff time.