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Asexuality, also called the Ace Spectrum, can be defined in a variety of ways, including as an umbrella term. It can describe the absence of sexual attraction (or not experiencing a desire to act upon sexual attraction).

Romantic Attraction & Sexual Attraction are separate!
Someone who is asexual can be romantically attracted to someone and be into romantic acts such as hand holding or cuddling.

Some asexual people might:

  • Masturbate to fulfill their sex drive, which is different from sexual attraction
  • Have sex with a partner out of curiosity, or to pleasure their partner or themselves
  • Still use labels such as homosexual or heterosexual in order to describe their romantic attraction
  • Use terms such as homoromantic or heteroromantic to describe their identity in terms of romantic attraction

Grey Asexuality (Grey Ace) describes people who feel that they are somewhere in between the spectrum of asexuality and sexuality.

Demisexuality describes people who feel sexual attraction, but as a secondary characteristic that only appears after a strong emotional connection has already been established.

It’s okay to not know exactly what you are, and it’s okay to not have a label.