How can I come out to my friends and/or family?

First, it’s okay to only tell one person or a few people. Coming out is a personal process that should be done at one’s own pace. Don’t let anyone rush or pressure you; you should only come out if you are comfortable sharing that information.

Coming out is a process

You will most likely come out multiple times to multiple people. Try to start small and then branch out; seek out a close friend to tell first and then consider opening up to a larger friend group or your family. Once you get over the initial act of coming it, it can feel easier to tell other people.

Consider writing a letter

Writing a letter can be great for coming out, since it allows you to write down everything you want to talk about without having to worry if you’ll get swept up in emotions and be unable to speak. It is okay to also simply give your letter or send an email to someone if you’d prefer not to speak to them in person.

There might be questions; that’s okay

Depending on how you come out, you might be asked questions that you might not have the answer to. That’s okay. You can say, “I don’t have an answer to that,” or ask that they simply listen.

Consider your safety

Only come out if doing so won’t put you in immediate danger. If you are worried about how your parents or housemates might react, make arrangements to be able to stay the night in another place in case things go awry.

Make it your own

There is no one-way to come out.  Ultimately, you get to determine how to tell your story!