Here are the words I sent to you in June after the murders of almost 50 members of our community in Orlando. As I take time today to reflect on the last several months and most especially the last 24 hours, these words still resonate.

Outright’s work is more important than ever.  

We will never stop working to provide the roadmap for what an open, healthy, and out life looks like for our community of queer, trans, and questioning youth. We must keep loving and keep fighting, especially for the most vulnerable among us.  Our call to action remains the same as it did in June: we must keep showing up for our youth and for the most marginalized members of our communities.

This imperative is now even more urgent as the rights of trans youth in schools come under review in an impending Supreme Court decision without the likelihood of federal support.  Change can only happen when people show up, and Outright is committed to showing up EVERY SINGLE DAY for all youth.

Thank you for the role you already play in making our world a safer place for queer, trans, and questioning youth. We have more work to do. We can’t do it without you. We love you. We’re here.

Love > fear.