Hailing on all frequencies: This year’s theme is SPACE!

The 11th Annual Queer and Allied Youth Summit is almost here, and we are SO excited.  On May 20th and 21st more than 100 youth from all over the state will come together at Harwood Union High School to share an action-packed day of out-of-this-world workshops and parsecs of solar-darity.  Before all the fun starts, a lot of people have questions so our technicians pulled together some answers:

Where is the Summit located?
When should I arrive?
Between 9:15am and 9:45am on Saturday, May 20th.
When should I leave?
Everyone must leave Harwood no later than 8am on Sunday, May 21.
When/where is bus pick-up?
If you have not received an email with information about bus pick ups and drop offs, it means you aren’t currently on our bus list. Please contact info@outrightvt.org if you are interested in taking the bus.  Space is limited, so let us know as soon as possible! If there no space available on a bus, we will work with you to find a local carpool.
What should I bring?
Please pack lightly! Everyone attending is able to bring one small overnight bag, a sleeping bag, and pillow, as space is limited. Pack your fancy duds for prom, and your tooth brush!  There will be no shower/bathing opportunities, so leave your rubber ducky at home.  Thanks!
What about meds?
Please bring any necessary medications (over the counter or prescription) in a ziplock bag with your name on it. Meds will be collected on the bus or at registration, administered at the appropriate time by a staff member, and returned when you leave.
What about food?
All meals and snacks will be provided.
What if I need to contact someone?
Youth are allowed to keep their communication devices with them throughout the event.  Please note: There is no cell service at Harwood Union High School, because Vermont. That being said, texts often come through. In the case of an emergency, please call or text (802) 391-0601 which will immediately relay your message to an Outright staff member.
Will there be adult supervision?
Yes. All parts of Summit will be supervised by adults, including the sleepOUT, when adults will take awake shifts to supervise.
What’s the schedule for the day?
9:15-9:45 registration
10:00-10:20 opening ceremony
10:30-11:20 workshop session 1
11:30-12:20 workshop session 2
12:30-1:10 lunch/advisor meeting
1:20-2:05 affinity groups session 1 or art & activism
2:15-3:00 affinity groups session 2 or art & activism
3:10-3:50 speakOUT
4:00-5:00 Youth Town Hall
5:00-6:00 dinner
6:00-7:00 open mic
7:00-7:30 prom prep
7:30-10:00 queer prom
10:00-7:00 sleepOUT
7:00 wake up!
8:00 goodbye!
Do I have to participate in everything?
We encourage you to challenge yourself to participate as much as possible but participation in any activity is not mandatory.
Still have questions? Email us at info@outrightvt.org.
Live long, prosper, and see you at Summit