We are proud to announce that Dana Kaplan is ready to lead the next phase of Outright Vermont’s work for queer, trans, and questioning youth as our next Executive Director! It’s a time ripe with possibility, and we are thrilled to share this news with you.
Thank you for standing alongside our youth. Here’s to the next chapter!
“At Outright Vermont, we witness and create critical firsts: First opportunities for youth to find each other, and in turn, first moments to find an authentic self. First chance for that part of an identity that’s been the target of isolation and harassment to be fodder for reclamation, celebration, and empowerment. First adult who truly listens, first platform to advocate for better statewide systems, first accessible space, and sometimes, first crush (#rulenumber4)!  It is within this spirit of firsts, of helping to create suitable spaces for individuals to be their best selves, that I officially embark on my own Outright Vermont first, as the next Executive Director of our incredible organization.” – Dana