You guessed it: The 2017 Fire Truck Pull is September 30th!
Don’t miss the annual event that keeps the fun in fundraiser!  This year we even have a head start thanks to our sponsors, and Element Real Estate.  Do you have what it takes to pull a fully loaded Burlington City fire truck up Church Street? Do you have the guts, glam, and glitter to win a Golden Fire Truck trophy? This is your chance to find out. Click here to get your team rolling!
Here are the gritty details:
  • Same time, same place! The Fire Truck Pull happens at the top block of Church Street Marketplace from 12:00 to 2:00 on 9/30. Teams compete for the coveted Golden Fire Trucks for Best Dressed, Most Funds Raised, and Fastest Pull Time.  An individual Golden Fire Truck goes to the person who raised the most.
  • You’ll need 12 people to move that truck on September 30th–but your pullers don’t have to be your fundraisers, and vice versa! Share the load!
  • The team entry fee is $1,500.  If 12 people are responsible, that’s $125 each, or five donations of $25.  No sweat! We are here to help: We’ll send out stories, fun facts, and fundraising tips to help teams build momentum in the weeks to come.
Do YOU pull for queer and trans youth? Prove it! Join the 2017 Fire Truck Pull today!