An annual celebration of the best in queer youth leadership, organizing, and fabulousness of the queer community of Vermont – the Outright Awards! More info will be posted soon, but please:

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, April 10, 2015 @ The Lang Barn in Essex!

This is the MTV style awards show of the year for the queer community, featuring:

  • appearances by Vermont queer celebrities,
  • performances by the state’s top drag crews,
  • a NOT so silent auction of snazzy goods,
  • the best in local small eatable bites,
  • and awards for leadership in the queer community, youth rabble rousing, and excellence in volunteer and board work for Outright Vermont.

The Outright Award Categories Are:

Student Activist Award

[Honors Vermont middle or high school students who have made a positive impact in the lives of queer students in their school].

2007 – Connor McFadden, Hal Earle, Julia Smith

2009 – Robyn Bailey, Kyle Giard-Chase, Ashley Gabbeitt, James Neiley, Timothy

Williams, and David Kingsbury

2010 – Jesse Thomas, Jake Tuttle, Alana Candence, Rose Lucas, Alex Bergeron, and

Morgan Hill

2011 – Shepherd Lantz, Tess Bates, Trevor Bassette, Emily Lansky, Garth Vest

2012 – Patricia Bristow-Johnson

2013- Xander Long

Outstanding Volunteer Award

[Honors a person who has given significant personal time and resources to help us achieve our mission].

2007 – Ron Gufstason, Moretti

2010 – Ron Gufstason

2011 – Mike Sheppard

2012 – Khristian Kemp-DeLisser

2013- Christopher Brown

Outstanding Camp Outright Volunteer Award

2013- Jeff Bukowski

College Student Activist Award

[Honors Vermont college student who has demonstrated leadership in improving the climate on their campus for queer students].

2012 – Brian Hamel

2013- Tori Muzyk

The Lil Venner Award

[Honors a family member ally – chosen or by blood – who consistently shows unconditional love and support to a queer youth in their life. The award honors Lil Venner, the founder and long-time leader of Burlington, VT’s P-FLAG group].

2012 – Jess Kell

2013- Kelly Jean Fontaine

Outstanding Educator

[Honors an exceptional administrator, teacher, QSA, or other educator who has taken a stand for queer youth in their school].

2012 – Deb Kalkstein-Lamb

2013- Henri Sparks

Camper of the Year

[Honors a Camp Outright camper who helped build our community at camp].

2012 – Elissa Benoit

2013- Caleb Teachey

Youth Community Award

[Honors a youth who sets the example of creating intentional safe and healthy queer youth space].

2012 – Zee

2013- Ryan Martin

The Bill Lippert Award

[Honors is presented to a community leader who has advocated, celebrated, and/or lead a community effort to truly make Vermont better for queer youth.  The award honors Bill Lippert, a long-time Vermont lawmaker and queer community leader].

2009 – Governor Howard Dean

2010 –  Lil Venner

2011 – Llu Mulvaney-Stanak

2012 – Joshua Fontanez

2013- Arshad Hasan

Outstanding Board Member

[Honors a board member who has left their mark on Outright VT by adding to our sustainability].

2007 – Brian Gilbar

2010 – Christy Pilsucki

2011 – Kate Van Wagner

2012 – Don Eggert

Lifetime Queer Youth Advocate Award

[Honors a Vermonter who has fiercely kept the well-being of queer youth at the forefront of their work].

2012 – Dave Landers

2013- Samuel Lurie

Outstanding Outright Alumnus

[Honors a former Outright VT youth who has gone on to become a community leader in social justice].

2012 – Corey Mallon

2013- Chris Smith

Queer/Straight Alliance of the Year

[Honors a Vermont QSA who has achieved significant milestones in their school in the last year].

2009 – QSA of the Year: Rutland High School

2010 – Montpelier High School

2011 – Brattleboro Union High School

2012 – G.L.O.W. BFA St. Albans

2013- Burlington High School Pride Alliance