The annual Fire Truck Pull is a hilarious fundraiser that supports the anti-harassment work that Outright Vermont does around the state. Since 1989, we have worked to provide safety and support for queer youth, helped make schools safer, and focused on youth empowerment, leadership, and advocacy.

Each year, the fundraiser draws hundreds of spectators to watch teams of twelve pull a real, fully-loaded fire truck up Church Street. In 2017, the Fire Truck Pull happens on Saturday, September 30, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm on the first block of Church Street Marketplace in Burlington.

This is a competition!

Teams compete for the coveted Golden Fire Truck Trophies. Prizes are awarded for:

  • “Best Dressed” [costumes, themes, etc.]
  • “Most Funds Raised (both team and individual)”
  • “Fastest Pull Time”
  • “Audience Choice” [so bring a cheering section!]

What does one wear to a Fire Truck Pull?

Any ol’ thing you want! Create a team theme, or dress your firetruck totin’ self to the nines — whatever that means to you!

This is a huge public event!

We have a DJ/MC, celebrity Vermont judges, and usually a few hundred people stopping to watch you pull the truck. Be prepared to wrangle your team (among the 10+ other teams) and meet us on the first block of Church Street.

How many people on a team?

Each team gets 12 spots for pullers – and trust us, you need every single one.  We recommend recruiting:

  • At least one really strong “anchor” to be at the end of the rope;
  • A motivator to get the team moving, count down to pull, and otherwise pump you up;
  • Fairly fit other teammates to help pull the truck — the event is age and ability inclusive, just know it’s an honest-to-goodness fire truck you’re going to be hauling!

Pull for Vermont’s Queer Youth

We ask that each team aim for $1,500 as the minimum to compete – that is $125 for each team member to raise. Need some tips on how to raise money? Check out our top ten tips here.

Recruiting Teammates

We recommend making a list of your friends, co-workers, and other social circles of folks who are into creative, fun, team-building kind of events.  Then, give them a few reasons why YOU want to make this team happen, why you support Outright Vermont’s work, and why your team is going to bring home the trophies!

Stay tuned for 2016 registration!

Question not answered?

Talk to a real human at our office. Contact info@outrightvt.org or call 802-865-9677.