How FNG Facilitators Make A Difference

Friday Night Group is Outright Vermont’s signature social-support programming that meets every week in various locations throughout Vermont. At group youth are able to be themselves and open up to their peers about the joys and challenges of being queer. Our queer-identified adult facilitators help model healthy behaviors and ensure that the group space is safe and supportive for everyone. FNG has met every Friday since 1989 and has allowed youth to call a space their own where their identities aren’t marginalized,  but celebrated. Youth lead the conversations and choose the topics while the facilitators uphold the X & O Outlaws (the youth generated rules that govern the group spaces) and support through listening and by providing referrals.

Prospective FNG Facilitators don’t need to have previous facilitation or counseling backgrounds – we’ll show you how it works and provide you with ongoing opportunities to expand your knowledge about the various experiences and identities our youth bring up in group.

Time Well Spent

Each of our facilitators commit to volunteering for two Friday evenings within each two month period, and attend a monthly meeting with staff and other facilitators. Facilitators must be at least 23 years and self-identify as queer – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, etc.

All facilitators must complete an interview, a background check and reference check, and finally, attend a new facilitator training (offered twice a year).

 We are currently accepting applications from individuals interested in  facilitating Friday Night Group in all three locations.  We will be offering a facilitator training in Burlington in the summer – date TBD! 


Give It A Go!

1) Fill out the application below. Once you complete the form, click SUBMIT.

2) Download the Friday Night Group Facilitator Reference Request. Send it to one personal reference, one professional reference, and one youth-aged reference (if possible). If you cannot provide a youth-aged reference, please provide a reference from a volunteer supervisor or co-worker. Have all three folks return the completed form.

3) We’ll be in touch to schedule a time to learn more about you and your interest in becoming a FNG facilitator.