Dana Kaplan

Executive Director

As the Executive Director, I seem to wear many hats… which suits me well as a person who likes to have lots of options! I got my graduate degree in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies, and that lens of question-asker and relationship-builder is definitely woven into how I approach the world.

Five Fun Facts about Dana:

  1. I have a twin brother (Yes, I am older. By 2.5 minutes. Yes, he is also queer)!
  2. I like to ferment foods. If I ever started a business, I decided I’d call it “pickled pink”
  3. I play in an indie pop band that’s toured internationally and released 4 albums, but I’ve never actually thought of myself as a musician.
  4. In my free time, I like to give hair cuts. I’m good at table tennis. I like to make my bed every morning. I’m told I’m a phenomenal driver… on both sides of the road! And, I can be a rule-follower, but I prefer to stretch them when I can.
  5. I’d rather go up a mountain than go down it.

Pronouns: he/him, they/them, or Dana!

Contact: dana@outrightvt.org

Amanda Rohdenburg

Director of Advocacy

amanda webI love food! Making it, eating it, hearing all about it.  One of my favorite books is called the Search for Delicious—basically the story of my life.  I earned a BA in Gender Studies and Political Science from Saint Michael’s College and have been an advocate for folks dealing with sexual violence, intimate partner violence, teen dating violence, and stalking for my entire professional life.  My favorite part of that work is talking to anyone (everyone!) about healthy relationships, consent, and how to radicalize relationships in the queer community and beyond.  Together with my stalwart canine side-kick Max and the magnanimous help of some other folks I know, we confront squirrels and injustice fearlessly.

5 Fun Facts About Amanda:

  1. I can whistle with an acorn top!
  2. And poach an egg!
  3. I love adventures: geocaching in my own neighborhood or jet-setting around the world like a real fancy pants, I love it all.
  4. I always ask my pup Max how his day was.
  5. The two of us would be serious contenders in a Treats and Snoozin’ Olympics.

Pronouns: She/her

Contact: amanda@outrightvt.org

Beal St. George

Director of Development & Communications

Beal St. George

I am so excited to be part of the team at Outright! I come to Outright with four years of fundraising experience at a youth-serving nonprofit and at my alma mater. I’m driven by my passion to connect donors to the change they’re making possible for queer and trans youth across the state. I hold degrees in creative writing and political science from Skidmore College, plus I’m a huge data nerd, which means I’m excited about all aspects of development and communications at Outright, and am excited to help YOU stay connected to the impact you’re having for our youth. Let’s keep in touch!

5 Fun Facts about Beal:

  1. I am an avid knitter and am always working on one—or seven!—projects, from socks to sweaters to blankets.
  2. I think word play is punderful, and I don’t pass up a chance to slip puns into conversation.
  3. My favorite spot in the house is my kitchen, a place where you can usually find me cooking or baking and trying out new recipes.
  4. I practice yoga in the mornings as a mindfulness technique: it helps me center myself for a day of creativity and thoughtful, intentional work!
  5. I love exploring Vermont in the summertime, looking for new swimming holes and places to explore.

Pronouns: she/her

Contact: beal@outrightvt.org

Mara Iverson

Director of Education

I am so excited to start work at Outright Vermont because I get giddy when I am able to help people understand new things about how to live in better community with the people around them. I especially love seeing youth build that community together. I’m coming from 15 years of volunteer LGBTQ+ advocacy and 5 years of volunteer racial justice advocacy at universities around the country. I’m thrilled to finally be working on my passion as a full-time job. I wake up every day wanting to be one of the many droplets of water that over generations wears away the stone of injustice. Let’s power wash inequity and live in a more awesome world together!

5 Fun Facts about Mara:

  1. I have been to Argentina, Austria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom
  2. I <3 dance and Broadway
  3. I’m a Slytherin and I can tell you why that’s AWESOME!
  4. Racial justice learning/advocacy is super important to me
  5. I’m from Pittsburgh, PA and therefore bleed Black & Gold

Pronouns: she/her

Contact: mara@outrightvt.org

Noa Coffey-Moore

Director of Programs










Pronouns: they/them

Contact: noa@outrightvt.org

Melissa Golden

Education Coordinatormelissa-g

I’m Melissa from the Midwest. I’m originally from Michigan, but have the hiking boots and plaid to pass as a Vermonter. After earning my BA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Michigan, I moved out to Vermont as an AmeriCorps member and never left. I’m excited to bring my passions for social justice and working with youth to Outright!

5 Fun Facts About Melissa

  1. I am a bird person and have owned over a dozen pet birds (though currently own zero).
  2. I can form my tongue into a clover.
  3. I’ve been a vegetarian most my life and love making and sharing vegetarian food.
  4. I’m close with my five older sibling, but the one who lives closest is over 600 miles away!
  5. I’ve had many nicknames, including M&M, Shoosh, Moes, Lissy, Missa, Mel, Meli, Molosso, M, Goldie, etc. I’ve also lived in many houses that had their own nicknames (one of which – Mordor – has kept the name for years since I moved out)!

Pronouns: she/her or they/them

Contact: melissa@outrightvt.org