Outright Vermont hosts a number of different program opportunities for queer and allied youth to connect, celebrate and advocate throughout the year.

Outright’s Youth Space is open for youth drop in Tuesday-Friday 12pm-8pm at our offices at 241 N. Winooski Ave. in Burlington, VT.

We have a number of regular programs including the long-standing social-support group, Friday Night Group, in Burlington, Montpelier and Brattleboro.

We also have a range of monthly programming and larger events during the year such as SASS, a queer identity and sexual health workshop, Vermont PRIDE parade march, Queer & Allied Youth Summit with Queer Prom, as well as Day of Silence: Night of Noise, Queer Youth Leadership Day at the Statehouse and National Coming Out Day!

Check out our Facebook page for the latest event news or click on the drop down options under Youth Programs!

Outright works to create safe, healthy and supportive environments wherever we go. In these environments we ask that all youth, staff, and volunteers follow these guidelines:

  • This is a place to feel comfortable, relax, and have fun! Please treat it with respect.
  • Respect other people and their belongings.
  • Assume good intentions.
  • Confidentiality covers everyone.
  • Own your actions: What you do, how you behave, and what you say can and will impact others.
  • Keep it safe: No drug or alcohol use before or during your time here; no touching or talking with the intent to arouse; and no physical or emotional violence in the space.

Those who individually or collectively jeopardize the safety of our space or those who are inappropriately using our space will be asked to leave until they can honor those guidelines.

To make an appointment to donate books, call the office at 802-865-9677, ext. 2 for Micah.

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