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FREE Rapid HIV Testing

Outright offers free and anonymous rapid HIV testing for people 12 years of age or older, any sexual or gender identity! Outright offers testing Tuesday-Thursday 12-6 pm by appointment or walk-in if a tester is available. Other days and times are available by appointment only.

Since we are small staff, we want to make sure we can be there for you! Contact us to schedule a testing appointment. You can contact Micah if you have questions about the HIV Testing Program.

For more information, to schedule a test, or to talk about testing options please call 802-865-9677.

Address for Testing: 241 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, VT 05401. (Parking is available in front of the building and off-street in the parking lot behind the building).

Additional locations for HIV and other STI testing can be found at Get Tested Vermont.

Folks looking to get tested must not use or consume any of the following 30 minutes before coming in for a test

  • water (or drinks of any kind)
  • food (of any kind)
  • oral care products (mouth-wash, floss, gum, toothpaste)
  • tobacco products

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I need a printout of my results for whatever reason. Do I get one?
    • No. Since it is anonymous we can not offer a print out of your results. If you need a printout of your test results, you’ll have to seek a confidential test at a doctor’s office.
  • Can I get tested with my partner(s) or friend(s)?
    • Testing multiple people at the same time is not recommended and the decision to test couples is in the hands of the test provider. If you come in together, one person will be asked to wait in another room while their partner/friend are being tested.
  • How often should I get tested?
    • Regular testing every 3-6 months is recommended if someone is sexually active or an injection-drug user. This time-frame may change based upon the various risks that an individual may be taking.
  • How accurate is the test?
    • Both tests we offer are very accurate. Accuracy depends on a number of factors including “the window period”, which is the time between being infected with HIV to the time in which it will show up on a test. The window period is 2-3 months. This HIV test will give a accurate reflection of if you were infected with HIV 3 months ago or longer. Please ask a tester for additional information.
  • Why should I get tested for HIV?
    • Getting tested is the only way to know if you have been infected with HIV. It is important to know your HIV status so that you aren’t unknowingly passing the virus to your sexual or needle-sharing partners.
  • What tests do you offer?
    • We offer the OraSure test and the OraQuick test. Both are done by taking a sample of oral fluid. The OraSure test is sent to a lab and results will return in 2 weeks. The OraQuick test provides results in about 20 minutes.