Farrah Foxx, VT Drag Idol Winner 2015

Farrah Foxx, VT Drag Idol Winner 2015

Don’t miss the event that launched the careers of Celeste LaRue, Noah Dictive, Chastity Pariah, Nikki Champagne and many more.

Save the Date! 2017 Vermont Drag Idol is July 21st!

Have you attended past Drag Idols or Winter is a Drag Ball and thought, “Daaaaang, I could do that”? Now is your chance! Drag Idol is the perfect chance for amateur performers to compete:

  • Solo or duo acts
  • Lip-syncing only (no live mics, sorry honey!)
  • Any age over 13, gender, or drag persona
  • Must be a “novice” performer (in other words, you can’t be a professional or have performed drag more than a few times — this is supposed to be about finding NEW talent!)

You could win a $100 cash prize and the title of 2017 Vermont Drag Idol!

If you are more experienced and would like to perform (but not compete), email the show’s producers at vtdragidol@outrightvt.org.

Get out there, glamazons — let the music play!