Queer & Allied Youth Summit

Thank you to all who attended the 2017 Summit! Stay tuned for details about 2018!

Each May, Outright VT and a Vermont middle and/or high school GSA host the annual Queer & Allied Youth Summit. This statewide extravaganza includes a GSA Conference, Youth Pride March, SpeakOUT, Open Mic, Queer Prom, and SleepOUT. The summit draws 150+ students and educators together for a full day (and night!) of networking, skill building, strategizing, and celebration of queer and allied youth in Vermont. The Summit is free to all Vermont youth!


GSA Conference

A wonderful opportunity for queer and allied youth and their adult supporters to gather in community for:

  • Youth led interactive workshops ranging from queer sex ed to queer 101, coming out, creative cross-school collaborations and more. 
  • Youth Town Hall with Statewide Priorities and dialogue
  • A QSA advisor track
  • Lunch provided

Open Mic

The open mic is an opportunity for youth talent to be shared and celebrated — be prepared to be inspired! It is acoustic-style, so keep that in mind. Sign-ups available day of.

Queer Prom

What more can we say? Wear what you want to wear, dance with whomever you want! The outfits, the lights, the music, oh my!!


The SleepOUT, along with all Summit events, happens at the host school. The SleepOUT is chaperoned by 2 adults all night (rotating shifts so everyone stays awake)! If you need transportation or are staying for the SleepOUT, you must have a permission slip signed.

More on Permission Slips

All youth taking the bus and/or sleeping over must have a permission slip filled out and sent in to us before the start of the Summit. Youth under 18 must have it signed by a parent/guardian, youth over 18 can fill it out themselves.  Permission slips will be e-mailed to you once you register.

Got questions about the Summit? Check out this FAQ’s list and see if we’ve got you covered!
1) Who is allowed to attend the Queer and Allied Youth Summit?
The Summit is open to any youth age 13-22 who want to attend, as well as GSA advisors. You do not have to be a part of your school’s QSA (not all schools have groups), and anyone can attend regardless of how you identify your gender and/or sexual identity.
2) What if you are a part of your Middle School QSA and you are 12?
Any youth who is in 6th grade and 12 years old can attend the Summit if chaperoned by an adult (GSA advisors). You can participate in all Summit events through the open mic!
3) Who needs to have a permission slip filled out and sent in?
TBD. Forms can be sent scanned via e-mail to info@outrightvtorg or via regular mail to: Outright VT, attn: Summit, PO Box 5235, Burlington, VT 05402
4) My child signed up to take the bus – where is it picking them up and when?
We will have the bus pick up and drop off times and locations finalized by the first week in May. All pick-ups will be early Saturday morning, and dropping off Sunday mid-morning. If you signed up to take the bus, you will receive an e-mail with your pick up and drop off spots and times then. Anyone taking the bus to the Summit also needs to take the bus back, and stay for all Summit events.
5) What to bring to the event? 
Please pack light! Everyone attending is able to bring one bag, plus a sleeping bag and pillow, as space is limited. Bring whatever you want to wear to the prom! And your tooth brushes! (please note, there will be no shower/ bathing opportunities provided at this event).
6) What if my child has medication to take?
All medications are asked to be brought and labeled in a zip lock bag. We will collect all medications either on the bus (if taking the bus) or upon arrival. All medications will be given back to youth after the Summit is over. All youth are responsible for remembering when it’s time to take medication.
7) Is there a fee to attend the Summit?
There is no fee – we are committed to making this event accessible for everyone! However, If you/ your GSA wants and are able to help support this event, we will gladly say yes! You can donate directly to Outright to help cover costs associated with statewide transportation, Summit t-shirts, decorations, and food. No spending money will be needed at this event, as all meals and snacks are provided.
8) I lost my permission slip – where can I get another one?
9) I registered but can no longer attend – what do I do?
Thanks for thinking of this! Please send an e-mail to so we can update our numbers accordingly.
10) Is there a cell phone policy? 
Youth are allowed to have their cell phones on them, as long as they are adhering to event expectations with phone usage (ie: phones on silent during workshops). Because some folks may want to be at the Summit anonymously, photo’s and social media use at the Summit must be limited to explicit consent of those you are documenting. We will review this more on the day of the event.
11) What will Supervision look like? 
Outright staff and school-based educators and GSA advisors will staff all aspects of the Summit. In addition, Outright volunteers will also staff certain events at the Summit (Prom, SpeakOUT, and the SleepOUT). There will be two adults awake all night during the SleepOUT. Should you have an emergency need to contact your youth during the Summit event, you can reach us to relay a message at (802) 391-0601.
Subject to change!

9:15-9:45am Registration

10-10:25am Welcome & Conference Opening!

10:30-11:20am Workshop Session 1

11:30-12:20pm Workshop Session 2

12:30-1:15pm Lunch

1:15-3pm: Art, Activism, and Affinity Spaces!

3pm-4pm: speakOUT

4pm-5pm: Youth Town Hall

5-6pm Dinner

6-7pm Open Mic

7-7:30pm Prom Prep

8-10:30pm Queer Prom!

11pm SleepOUT Begins

7am (the next day) Wake Up!

8am Depart